Swing Your Way to Success with the Pro Glider!

These bats change the way a hitter creates hits, with a correct swing!


The one-arm ProGlider is an excellent tool to work on getting your back side connected. When executing this drill, the batter is trying to hit a long fly ball to the opposite field by slotting the back elbow close to the rib cage. This is a drill many top players regularly work on including Julio Rodriguez. With the ProGlider, you can work on this drill just about anywhere—even in a carport!


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  • Steve GeweckeHead Coach at Alhambra HS

    In today's age of instant feedback, the ProGlider bat does exactly that. It has given our players the feedback they need for a quality swing. I would recommend the pro glider bat for serious players of all ages.

  • Steve GeveckeAlhambra, Ca — Alhambra High School Head coach

    In todays age of instant feedback, the ProGlider bat does exactly that. It has given our players that feedback they need for a quality swing. I would recommend the pro glider bat for serious players of all ages.

  • Outstanding Tool
    I'm a professional hitting coach of over 25 years and owner of www.iCoachHitting.com, a Director of Player Development for the Giants Baseball Club (travel organization), and a High School Varsity softball coach. I've used the pro glider for several years and I can tell you that no hitting coach should ever go without at least one. It provides great visual and instant feedback to a hitter as to whether or not they are accurately taking their hands to the ideal point of contact. I'm a firm believer that kids today need that visual aspect and the ProGlider provides it!

  • Tommy Williams

    Alan. The results have been great. I’m in the process of rounding up video's of the before and after results. It’s amusing to see some of these. This past Sunday a respected local Coach/Hitting Instructor/Regional College Recruiter spent some time with the girls. Now me being the type of Coach and man that I am I try to learn something from whatever source of information is available and after sitting on my bucket and listening to Jimmy teach, show, and encourage the girls I realized he was simply reinforcing what the Manager, myself and of course the Pro Glider were teaching. Just in different language and visuals. lol
    I love validation so I went to the truck and pulled out the bucket with the Glider Bat and Balls in it. I set the girls up so that the girl on deck waiting to bat with the instructor would go through a bucket of balls with the Pro Glider. Jimmy asked questions about it. Stopped what he was doing and stood behind the girls swinging with it and watched the mechanics of the swing and told me I ought to have that outside the dugout at every game we played. LOL. He was impressed and wanted information on it.
    I know I’m being long winded but believe me when I say that was just a short example of the experience I’ve had with the Glider so far.

  • Michael SalazarArnold, MD, United States — US Navy

    My son plays 12U travel ball and was struggling to get hits for an extended time. Contact was not the problem, he just wasn't hitting the ball with authority. I reached out to a hitting coach from a local HS and he introduced us to the ProGlider. He explained the philosophy and tried it out with my son. First swing, ground ball right side, second, third, same thing, but after 20 Swings or so,line drive up the middle. The instant feedback was amazing. I purchased a drop 9 ProGlider the next day. My son set a goal,100 Swings with 20 line drives up the middle until he fixed his swing. He did this routine for 4 days in a row without hitting a ball off the T. First game, line drive up the middle, 4 game hitting streak followed with every hit, barreled up and line drive. I am convinced, this product is the Real Deal and was instrumental in developing my son's swing from casting to short and compact.

  • Megan RamseyMesa, AZ, United States

    My 12 year old daughter was having a heck of a time with her batting. We purchased one of these for her. After using it 5-10 minutes several days per week, over a few months, her batting has improved 100%! The proglider is a MUST! And outstanding customer service! I was unsure which size to get her, Alan was more than accommodating to help me figure it out.

  • Mark Malconian

    Jim Campanis, a fellow Trojan Baseball alum introduced to me the bat at the alumni game this past weekend. I consider myself educated on the mechanics of hitting and was very impressed by the ability of the Pro Glider to expose common problems that developing players experience when hitting. I am currently working with another USC Alum in developing youth clinics out of the Westchester area in LA. I think that this product is going to greatly enhance our training.

  • Jim BodeMilan, Indiana

    Alright slugger fans I understand this is a baseball training device how ever this is also made for softball, I’ve had the opportunity to have my girls use this tool and it’s MONEY, there are millions of endorsed money making gimmicks on the market but in my 15+ years of coaching this is the best tool to develop the proper hand path to become a great hitter and the best visual and audible tool on the market… This will produce the best results the fastest…!!!!!!!

  • Coach Bill HendersonLakeShore Lightning Girls Fastpitch Travel Softball

    I've been coaching girls fast pitch softball for 30years and have bought and used many training tools over my career. My teams have always been know for hitting from the top to the bottom of the line up and I take great pride in that recognition. After having and using this tool this tool I am totally convinced that this training tool with daily use will not retrain and recondition the muscle memory but take an average contact hitter and turned them into a consistent power hitter.

  • Danny “DTAY” TaylorBaltimore, Maryland — Harford Sports

    I began using Pro Glider Bats a little over a year ago in my Baseball and Softball Training facility. I use it to begin each and every private hitting lesson and I use it with all ages. I have 8 to 11 year olds learning how to hit, I have middle school hitters perfecting their swing, I have high school players who since using the Pro Glider have increased their stats, & I have NCAA division 1 athletes training with me. Every one of my athletes use Pro Glider and our stats prove it has helped our performance. As a professional trainer, full time hitting instructor, and the owner of a 36,000 square foot performance center, I would have to say that this has made a difference and a great addition to our Baseball and Softball Training. I personally do 44+ lessons Monday thru Thursday every week and my other hitting instructors average about 60-80 lessons each week as well combined. Each week at Harford Sports over 100 hitters are using the Pro Glider and getting better.
    Personally, I wish I had this years ago. If you are a Hitting Instructor, Coach, Parent, Player, or an owner of a hitting facility, I highly recommend getting a set of these bats. Stats don't lie.

  • Scott BlakeFranklin, MA, United States

    As a former player and now coach for many years this product delivers results. I have been privileged to coach athletes who have signed professional contracts, played all levels of college baseball, and have helped produce better high school players. The Pro Glider has been a vital part of our practices and drills.

    Student/athletes use many modalities to learn in the classroom, it just so happens our classroom is the field. The Pro Glider incorporates many of these modalities. Each student/athlete learns a different way and we as coaches need to adjust to each specific student/athlete and their style.

    What I love about the Pro Glider is it teaches muscle memory and instant feedback. Pro Glider has several wonderful products which (I own many) gives instant gratification, either negative or positive. When I run practice, privates or drills the Pro Glider is a crucial part of the teaching process. This wonderful self correcting apparatus focuses on the proper mechanics of the baseball/softball swing. This also allows the person to self correct and reflect on what he/she is doing during the hitting process.

    The athlete needs to create rubric for effort and the sky could be the limit. The Pro Glider is a tool to get their swing to the next level. It’s up to the athlete.

  • Patricia CarrollYardley, PA, United States — Patricia Carroll Sports, LLC

    This is one of the best training tools I have used in my 30 years of coaching. Players can work on their own and know instantly what is happening with the swing. Feeling the proper swing creates the necessary muscle memory to repeat over and over. This is the most popular station at camps and at practice. If players can master this tool game day is a breeze.

  • Danny TaylorBaltimore, Maryland — Harford Sports

    I average 44 to 50 private lessons a week and EVERY hitter begins their workout with the Pro Glider. The best training tool I use hands down. I have recommended it to every client. A MUST have.

  • Joseph OlivaczChurchville, MD, United States

    My 11 yo son was able to self-correct his swing path after just a few swings. After using it for a couple weeks, his swing has already improved in both practices and games. Now when he uses the Pro Glider he makes it look real easy and only drives the ball up the middle of the field. I'm a youth baseball coach and I'm looking forward bringing this tool to our next team practice team and helping many of my other players.

  • Michael GrecoCrown Point, IN, United States

    I am the head coach for a 14U travel softball team. The Pro Glider helps correct flaws in the swing quickly because it provides instant feedback. Its easy and fun for the girls to use and the results it provides makes it well worth the money.

  • Bill SeamonBland, MO, United States — Pro Player Indoor Training Facility

    Hitting is muscle memory when practiced correctly. The Pro Glider Bat system gives visual feedback to the athlete to learn to keep his hands in proper position when swinging. I use the Pro Glider Bat for top hand, bottom hand and full swing drills. I have been teaching baseball for 40 years and I recommend this product.

  • Paige R. SmithSouth Orange, NJ — Seton Hall University

    "The Proglider bat allows our athletes to get instant feedback through their contact and extension phases in the swing. It's become a favorite drill with all of our hitters, but the slappers find it exceptionally helpful when working on their barrel awareness."

  • Frank JamersonLos Angeles, CA, United States

    My name is Dr. Frank Jamerson and I am the founder of the Gardena-LA Sports Foundation, which is an inner city softball organization dedicated to helping young girls learn and succeed in the game of softball. I first came in contact with Proglider Bat when I was looking for a tool to help my older daughter stop casting out when she swung the bat. She had to bat on her college team and she hit over .300, with the help of proglider. My younger daughter is a junior in high school who verballed as a sophomore, her ability to hit was a main reason for the verball offer. She has used the softball Proglider for over 5 years it is a mainstay in her training regimen. After 5 years, I'm now donating our proglider to the Baldwin Hill Recreation Center Fastpitch Association, so that a new generation of softballers would have access to this very important training tool. I highly recommend the ProGlider for its ability to provide instant feedback to the hitter.

  • Daniel StalteriHerkimer, NY, United States

    My name is Dan Stalteri, I am the Associate Head Coach/Hitting Instructor at Herkimer College. I was introduced to the Pro-Glider at a coaches clinic 4 years ago. We love the Pro-glider as a tool that teaches driving the hands as well as a top hand snap to the ball. It's positive feedback that helps a player adjust their swing quickly and retaining muscle memory through sound and ball off the bat placement. We use the pro-glider as an "everyday" in our hitting stations, in our clinics, and before games. We are now using it with our slap hitters so they can have instant feedback on ball placement with their wrist snap. The Pro-glider travels everywhere with us. We believe in it's success. Since using the Pro-Glider our College team won it's first ever National Junior College championship in 2013, while finishing 2'nd in the Nation the last two seasons.We have won our conference and region the past 4-years. Our Hitting Stats have led the country in many categories over the past 4 yrs.

  • Brian D RiceProfessional Baseball Academy

    My name is Brian Rice and I am a hitting instructor at Professional Baseball Academy and an assistant coach with the Cincy Doom 16U Gold Gregory softball team. I was introduced to the Pro Glider by my daughter's college coach Kristen Butler. Since then I have used it with many students and our travel team with dynamic results. The product is well designed and constructed which translates to many swings which has equated to better swing mechanics. The product speaks for itself once it is in the hands of the player but your product is not well represented in our area which is NE and SW Ohio. No one had heard of your product until I used it in lessons and warmups. I am wondering if you are interested in establishing a distributorship or are you in need of a representative in NE and SW Ohio ? The product is great and needs to be in more players hands.


    "The Pro Glider gives our players instant feedback on the quality of their swing. If you have someone that has a problem with casting this piece of equipment allows them to feel the RIGHT swing. It enables our players to make quicker corrections and get purposeful practice. We use The Pro Glider at all our hitting practices."

  • James HeuszelLexington, AL, United States

    I was an assistant coach on a team that my daughter played for for about 4 or 5 yrs. One thing that was common at every practice and every pre-game warm-up, was the pro glider. That team won nationals as 12u. They are all 2017 grads and over half of those girls are committed to D1 colleges now (because of their bat).They were by far the best hitting team that I have ever watched and I believe that the pro glider was the biggest contributor to their swing. This is by far the best tool for teaching players the proper swing out there. My name is James Heuszel and my daughter was on the Huntsville Sparks 99. Thank you pro glider.

  • Simona ArandaSherman Oaks, CA, United States

    As a coach you can tell a girl over and over what she needs to fix in her swing but it is hard for the younger girls (8u/10U) to grasp the concept sometimes. This bat visually explains to any player what you can't with words or demonstration. After just one practice the girls were able to correct the dropped shoulder and the casting. Incorporating this bat into our hitting practices gave my girls instant visual feedback and by the end of the season looked and hit 100% better. This is a tool every coach should have in their equipment.

  • Troy WebbMentor, OH, United States

    I recently purchased the 30', 21 oz. version of the ProGlider 444 (baseball) for my 11 year-old son. What a fantastic baseball hitting training aid/tool. The ProGlider 444 has already helped my son in less than 2 weeks of periodic use. The tool has helped my son to start to fix some of his swing flaws that we've been trying to work on -- unsuccessfully using other methods -- since the start of this year's travel baseball season. More specifically -- because of the desired ball flight you want to achieve when the ball comes off of the ProGlider 444 -- the tool has taught my son what the proper extension/follow-through of the bat should feel like through the hitting zone and beyond. In addition, the tool has helped him greatly reduce his tendency to slightly drop his hands at the start of his downswing. We'll be using this tool to prep for the Fall '15 Baseball Season and beyond. Thanks for an excellent product!

  • Doug MajdaValparaiso, IN, United States

    As a parent of two travel kids, I look at every training device on the market. The pro glider 444, in my opinion, is the best device ever. The pro glider taught my daughter to keep her hands inside the ball. No other tool can teach this so easily. We now use it at travel ball practice and have seen great improvements in everyone.

  • Martin BlackFoley, AL, United States — MVP Baseball Academy

    I am a hitting instructor and coach several travel baseball teams out of a baseball academy. I train hitters from 8-18 and have looked into many training aids. When I saw the proglider used by Matt Lisle I checked into it. Im so glad I did! By far the best tool ive ever seen. I know make it mandatory station in my lessons and practice. the hand path it teaches is outstanding. The visual and physical feedback it gives hitters is second to none. I have an 11yr old boy that's been hitting with me for about 4 months. when we started teaching/learning hand path the proglider made it so easy. And made my job easier as an instructor. I highly recommend the proglider to everyone. Take an average hitter to the elite level with this product.

  • Heather GroenewoudFranklin, TN, United States — Focus Fastpitch and Harpeth Hall

    I am a former SEC Division I coach and player. Currently I am a hitting instructor, high school coach, and travel ball coach. All of my students and players use Pro Glider bats. I recently did a hitting clinic and the campers voted the Pro Glider bat their favorite drill. The Pro Glider helps students feel the correct hand path to the ball. We use it every day in practice and pregame warm-ups.

  • Matthew SwiftNorwich, CT, United States

    Purchased the Proglider bat a year ago to help my daughter (11) with her swing. She was in a slump, seeing the ball well but consistently would get weak hits to the 1st or 2nd baseman or foul off many times. After using the Proglider her weak hits turned into hard shots up the middle and her renewed confidence in her swing is awesome. We now use this bat with her teammates at practice and the girls never seem to get bored with it.

    Thank you Proglider

  • Scott LongLewisville, NC, United States — Salem College

    The Pro Glider bat is a great tool for helping the batter get feedback and making adjustments. The Pro Glider is used everyday in our hitting practice and it has given our young ladies immediate feedback to correct swing flaws. This is a must have tool!

  • Krista woodBrookings, SD, United States — South Dakota State Univeristy

    The ProGlider is a great product. I recently coached at Wayne State College (NE) an NCAA DII school where we used the ProGlider and the 1 arm ProGlider almost daily as one of our drills throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Our players liked how it gave them instant feedback and the click at extension. The first year we used this tool we broke the school record for batting average. Our team was hitting the balls up the middle and into the gaps consistently, helping up produce more runs. I recently took the job at South Dakota State University an NCAA DI school and first hitting tool I am buying is the ProGlider and the 1 arm ProGlider. It is not only a great tool for right and left handed batters, but it is very beneficial for slappers as well.

    Krista Wood
    Head Softball Coach
    South Dakota State Univeristy

  • I have been coaching fastpitch softball for over 40 years. Have run in to many hitting, pitching and defensive tools. The Pro Glider was brought to me by one of the dads whose is taking hitting lessons from me. She took about 6 swings and I was amazed! For those who are familiar with RVP's hitting videos, the Pro Glider easily creates the important EXTENSION hitting mechanic. Also, the Pro Glider Bat has a solid "bat" look and feel.
    Coach D, fastpitch123®

  • Bruce Schoenstadt

    I use the Proglider. In one of my warm-up stations before the scrimmage even tweeted some of my players swings in that half of an hour. We went on to an eight run, top of the first and in the second game we scored 12 runs. Are hitting never stopped I will be demoing the Proglider at one of the other 18U practices this week as he thought he was going to kick my butt and I blew him away. Also the director is thinking about putting them in our training facility to use by all. Bruce

  • Bruce SchoenstadtGAP, PA, United States — Lady Stormers 18U Black Bruce Schoenstadt

    I am the head coach of The Lady Stormers Travel team. We just came back from USSSA World Series and placed 4th. If I had the Pro Glider in my bag it might have been 1st.
    The Pro Glider is the only real tool that let your player use TWO senses to get instant feed back. 1. The click of the glider allows you to HEAR instantly the bat position on proper contact point. . 2. You SEE the flight of the ball off the Pro Glider to see if you are Rolling, Casting , Opening up , or if you swing is proper.
    After 10-20 swings at practice yesterday ALL my girls showed immediate improvement , so much so that I am sending video to you soon.
    I' have spent thousands on junk products that don't work, the Pro Glider DOES!!!!!!!
    Bruce Schoenstadt
    Lady Stormers 18u Pa

  • Jon GmurHuntington beach, CA, United States — Pure Fastpitch

    I gotta say this is the first time I have ever felt the need to write a testimonial for ANY product. I'm a Fastpitch travel coach and also a hitting instructor. I must say the pro glider has been a superior tool for my team and my clients. I have recently brought the tool out to my students and my team and the instant feedback that they receive is priceless. The great part is the kids love to use it !!! I love the way athletes see the feedback in regards to casting / flying open on their own. I will continue to use this wonderful product with my travel teams and my weekly lessons. I used this for the first time in lessons a few weeks back and a few had to order their own after seeing the pro glider in action ! Highly recommend for Fastpitch athletes looking to perfect their game

  • Ann GHuntington Beach, CA, United States — Mom of 4 kids

    My 7 year old daughter changed her habit of not following through with her swing. At a hitting clinic the coach had her use Pro Glider for 10 swings which she swang poorly, but visually saw her error. Motivated by seeing which direction the whiffle ball should land, she improved dramatically. Her second round of 10 she did not cast but followed through on her swing 8 out of 10 times! More importantly she had FUN using Pro Glider and can practice at home using it on her OWN!

  • Laneigh ClarkPearland, Tx — Pearland HS

    Girls that cast hate them..... not really but they understand now when we tell tem. Its a great tool!

  • John HipsmanChester, NY, United States

    My son has been using the Proglider bat for about a month now. 3-to -4 time a week and 60 to 75 swings per use. It seems to have helped his bat speed,keeping his hands back all helping him to wait longer witch will help him identify pitches more accurately.

  • Fred GillumDemorest, GA, United States — Piedmont College

    I have used the Pro Glider Bats at both Tusculum and Piedmont Colleges and saw remarkable results. At D II Tusculum, our hitters benefited from the instant feedback the Glider Bats produce. We took solid hitters and made them into good hitters. I am now at D III Piedmont and the Glider Bats have improved their skills as well! The value of the Glider Bat is in the results of your players after they have used the bats on a regular basis. Don't wait...get the Glider Bat in your player's hands today!

  • John Tschida St. Paul, MN, United States — University of St. Thomas

    Thanks for a great product. We use the pro glider with our college players to teach the proper bat path for both the rise ball and drop ball, giving the players instant feedback as to where the bat head is traveling.

    I also run a large summer instructional league for both boys and girls from 3rd grade through 7th grade and they love it. It typically takes just four swings before they figure out how to swing the bat using the pro glider. It may not be the perfect swing, but it really accelerates the learning curve without having to say even a word to them. The pro glider gives them the feedback! Giving the choice between playing a game using a pitching machine and using the pro glider, the youth players will choose the pro glider almost every time. It provides a non-stop action game with no swing and misses, no balls and plenty of baserunning & defensive situations for them to learn the game.

    John Tschida
    University of St. Thomas

    *Note from ProGlider Bats : (He was using a 350 model with the Total Control Ball)

  • Kristen ButlerChicago Bandits - University of Florida

    "I have been using the ProGlider for about 2 months now, and i have fallen in love. With the help of this tool in my daily workouts, my mechanics have improved and my hand speed has increased tremendously. This is the best training tool out there!"

    "The ProGlider has made my swing on the outside pitch better. On outside pitches, I tend to get too long with my swing and slow down my hands. With the ProGlider I have reinforced my contact point while still keeping my hands fast and inside the ball. "

    "I love the ProGlider because it gives instant feedback. When athletes hit off a tee, they will tend to focus on how hard they hit it, instead of mechanics, and they will cheat their swing. With the ProGlider, you have to focus on your mechanics an speed to get the right results. The other positive aspect to the tool is, the click on the bat. Not only do you get to see where your ball goes, but you also get to hear where extension is made. This tool can be used at all ages and all stages of training."

  • John CoronaSan Dimas, California — Legends of San Dimas

    Well, where do I begin with the excitement. Recieved the gliders on Thursday morning and tried it myself. It was what I hoping for. The finish. The completion of the swing was what I was after and it exceeded that wish.

    With nearly every student my biggest problem is getting them to finish their swing. They will do it in the cage, but on the field it's a different matter. On the field their only concern is getting to 1st base so they stop or slow down their swings.

    My first student of the day arrived and I sprung the unit on him. We discussed and I showed him what I was looking for.

    For 30 minutes he swung the unit with a smile on his face and the important issue was he couldn't help but finish the swing. The next day his father called while my student was in a 10 year old baseball tournament. The father said on his first at bat he singled up the middle. His second at bat he drilled a HR about 20 feet over the fence. He finished the swing. It was his first HR. He has a nice swing, fast hands and power, but he always slowed the bat after impact.

    Your glider helped him to finish. It is why I was so excited to get my hands on one.
    You are forced to finish and see the ball flight. They keep their eyes on the ball longer which also helps.

    I have been using the glider system on every student and they love it. From age 7 to age 18 they are loving it. I thought the older ones would get a little bored, but they haven't. I ask them if they've had enough, and they say no. They ask their parents if they can get one of their own. In turn they ask me where I purchased the glider system.

    I have a son who lives in Missouri who coaches fastpitch softball and he fell in love with it after our talk and watching your videos on your website.

    I do believe you need to provide a video of the proper swing technique for those fathers and mothers who are in tune to proper hitting mechanics.

    I will ordering one for my son in Missouri in a few days. Until then. Thanks so much for system.

The ProGlider bat is absolutely one of the best hitting tools on the market!

-Softball Today Magazine